News that affects advertisers’ ads

Television and radio advertisers buy time across the spectrum of a broadcast day.   Their aim is to reach the most people who are likely to buy their products.   A station bases its rates on the number of viewers it can deliver.    The most widely accepted rating system is Nielsen.   Advertisers and their agencies often have intriguing strategies to avoid news events affecting their ads.    For example, there was a time when one major airline had a standing order with broadcasters airing their ads.   If there was a plane crash, they wanted their commercials off the air until the situation had cooled.  Apparently, they believed viewers would associate their airline with the disaster regardless of which carrier was involved.  An equally intriguing strategy:  there are some companies that feel the worse the economy gets, the more they should advertise.     When people do spend, these companies figure they’ll buy from them rather than the guy doing little or no advertising.  You have to have the capital to be in for the long-term if you expect to survive the roller-coaster of a capitalistic economy and the news it generates.


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