“Old Man River” or “Zippity do-dah”

 “Old Man River” is one of the timeless songs from the 1951 movie, Showboat”.   The music and words are a collaboration between Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein.   Disavowing any suicidal tendencies, the lyrics of “Old Man River” often flow thru my mind.  Particularly poignant:  “I gets weary and sick of tryin’…tired of livin’  but feared of dyin’… but old man river, he jes keeps rollin’ along…  ” .   On the other hand from the land of Uncle Remus and the 1946 Disney movie, Song ot The south, there’s “Zippity-do dah …zippity aye..my oh my what a wonderful day….”   It is you and I who will  choose!  


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