You’ve lost HOW MUCH?

Jan Flegle of Canton, Georgia has lost more than 130 pounds in preparation for walking-running. her first Peachtree Road Race.   The world known 6.2 mile distance on July 4th is down Atlanta’s Peachtree street.   We’re currently shooting Jan’s and several other people’s unusual Peachtree stories.   Jan will join almost 60-thousands others losing more weight as they sweat the world’s  largest 10K.  Our stories will begin airing on WSB-TV, channel 2 in Atlanta later this month and continue through July 3rd .


4 Responses to “You’ve lost HOW MUCH?”

  1. Melanie Says:

    is there a way that I can replay the video of Mrs. Flegle that was aired on Friday at noon on wsb-tv 2 = I have searched the website for channel 2 and cannot find it

  2. megan Says:

    I want to see the cochran shoals video aired Sunday morning, July 1st

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Megan, you can see all of this year’s Peachtree pieces (4 so far with more to come) on the website: They’re in the July 4th folder. Thanks for watching. Don

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