What’s Buggin’ You?!

When I read the “Vent” section of the Atlanta Journal-Constituion, I’m reminded of its predecessor on WSB-Television.   We called it “What’s “Buggin’ You?!  We orginated several program ideas that were later emulated by the national TV  networks or by the print media.   Ray Moore was our leader when we implemented several of these innovations.  For example, Ray assigned me to investigative reporting.  I was the first TV investigative reporter in the southeast, one of only 3 in the nation.   Ray gave me the privilege of being the first “Georgia Traveler”, traveling the state reporting on unusal human-interest stories.   Several others at WSB such as Andy Johnston, Lanny Williams and Kenley Jones were “Georgia Travelers”.  Charles Kuralt examined what we were doing and launched a similar program for CBS with the entire nation as his canvas.  CBS called it “On the Road with Charles Kuralt”.

The “What’s Buggin’ You?” segment required much more work than the electronic submissions of today.   In addition to those who would come into our studios to record short comments, I would go to shopping centers.   We hauled a pretty heavy wooden lectern and set it up in the main entrance to the shopping mall.  We filmed as many “What’s Buggin’ You” pieces as we could get.   We didn’t air them all at once, but had them ready when needed.  With the electronic devices of today, is it time for another “What’s Buggin’ You”?..excluding politics and politicians.


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