“You need a drink”

“You need a drink” and “I need a drink” are lines commonly written for actors.   Art often imitates life as life imitates art.   It’s a shame that art suggests that drinking alcohol is a solution for any problem.     It would be more accurately written, “you need poison”.  “I need poison”.


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  1. Ted Holley Says:

    Alcohol is deadly especially when it is glamorized by the arts. This includes TV, print media, movies etc. Of course this is not new it’s been around for a long, long time. All one needs to do to see up close and personal the devastation alcohol has had on individuals, families and businesses is to attend an AA meeting as a guest. Those men and women who have sought help through AA or other programs have made a courageous decision to be sober and they deserve our respect and help.

    Thanks Don for reminding us that we really don’t need a drink, we need life and hope.

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