Dream interpretation

A retired college professor who specializes in dreams offers me an interpretation of a weekend dream.   I dreamed about an event that had two geographical locations combined into one.  The first was the home where I grew up…the other the home where we live now.   We have an air lock in our present home for security and other reasons.  In my dream, the air lock was a part of my boyhood home.   In the dream, my now adult son, Scott, was about 10.  He had the outer-door of the airlock open talking with two men.  I opened the inner door to see what was going on.  The two men pushed past Scott.  I immediately went into a martial arts defensive-offensive mode and began kicking them.  I awakened kicking the bed sheets and shouting for Scott to move back inside.  My wife said I was loud.

My friend’s offered interpretation:   I’m resisting what both my conscious and subconcious minds know are inevitable.  The two intruders are my mortality=death.   Scott is the link to extending my life, so in my dream, I fight to protect him and myself.


2 Responses to “Dream interpretation”

  1. Barbara McClellan Says:

    Sorry, but what a bunch of malarky!

  2. Ned Puddleman Says:

    Sure it wasn’t just some bad Chinese food you ate that night? 🙂

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