My top 3

In my last posting, I posed the question of what you would do if God gave you another life or lives.  The question assumes that you’re happy with what  you’ve done with what you have in this life.  I wrote that I’d list my top three.  Here they are.

1.  Musical talent.  Think George Gershwin, Mario Lanza, Barbara Streisand, Louie Armstrong,Mozart……

2.  Scientifjc and healing talent.  Think  Newton, Madam Curie, Pasteur, Einstein, Galileo, Gates,Jobs……..

3.  Athletic talent.  Think Ted Williams, Sandy Koufax, Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, Cy Young, Ty Cobb,Roger Bannister, Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Joe Louis, Kareem Abdul Jabar (Lew Alcindor), Sebastian Coe, Billie Jean King, Jack Cramer,Arthur Ashe,Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Kenyan Runners…

Of course, there are so many whose names are not here.  God has blessed them and those above with outstanding talent.  He’s done so much for me in my professiion.  I believe that He’ll understand my writing this.   I invite you to list your top 3.


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