Where’s the battery?

My wife drives a Mercedes C-300.   After almost 5 years, its battery went bad.   Searching under the hood and in the trunk, we couldn’t find the battery.   We went on line to ask for directions.   We got the instructiions and followed them, but still no battery.   There were several chat sites with others feeling the same frustrations.   We called AAA.   The help- company sent a tech.   He and my retired engineer wife combined to find the battery hidden under a camouflaged corner  of the hood.    The tech had a new battery that fit, but didn’t have the special tool  needed to replace the old  with the new.   There were two more steps in this drama  involving two very helpful repair shops.    One of them had the special tool.  Finally,  my wife’s Mercedes is driveable again and we know where the battery is.  We’re wondering why Mercedes-Benz hid it in the first place.


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