School buses, children and fools

School’s back in session in many parts of the country and the school buses  are back on the roads.  The law requires that motorists stop in both directions when  the bus stops to load or discharge students.   As I watch the children getting off, it seems that most of them are too trusting.   They don’t look in both directions.   They blindly trust that the cars are stopping.  Most are, but it takes only one fool to create a tragedy.  I’ve seen many of them as a reporter with WSB-Television in Atlanta.   It should be the responsibility of parents, teachers and  bus drivers  to impress on students  that they can’t rely on all motorists stopping.  It’s like a traffic signal:  when a light turns green and the light in the cross street changes to red, the motorist with the green light should not assume that  the  other driver  is stopping until he or she does. ..nor should students step trustingly into the street without checking  traffic for themselves.  There may a fool headed  in their direction.


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