Bob Hightower

78-year-old Bob Hightower died this week at St. Simons Island on the Georgia coast. Bob was retired from a long career in law enforcement. I first met Bob when he joined the Georgia Bureau of Investigation after 7 years with the Washington D.C. police. Before Washington, the tough talking cop was a nenber of the elite Navy Seals. With Bob as a member of the GBI and I an investigative reporter for WSB-Television, he and I sometimes clashed, but we respected each other. There are many stories I could tell, but will write only one in this posting. Bob had left the GBI to become police chief in Cobb county, Georgia. He had brought two or three of his fellow GBI agents with him. One of them he named as his secod -in-command. Tips led me to investigate his #2. We found evidence that the #2 was a bad apple. I went to Bob to tell him and get his reaction. To say that Bob didn’t believe what I told him would be a gross under statement. He thundered at me when he told me there was no way this could be true. After the police chief cooled down, I showed him the evidence. Bob launched his own investigation to learn that his friend had indeed betrayed him and his oath of office. His second-in-command eventually went to prison. I can guess at how much this hurt Bob, but he did his duty. He always did.


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