Lost and found (mostly)

The “Sunrise on the Square 5K” in Newnan, Georgia was a beautiful thing. However, after the race there was a bit of disappointment. There were several vendors set up around the square selling home-made and farm products. I went to my vehicle to get my billfold and stuffed it into my fanny pack. Apparently, I didn’t stuff hard enough. I had my eye on a vendor selling honey. When I reached for my billfold, it was not there. I retraced my steps. No billfold. I told the race organizers so they were on the lookout when a lady runner brought my lost billfold to them. I thanked her and opened it with the intention of offering her a reward, but all the cash in the billfold was gone. My guess is that the first finder cleaned out the cash before tossing the billfold back on the pavement. Gratefully, my credit cards and other valuable items were left undisturbed, I paid for the honey with a credit card.


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