Bicycle memories

I ran, walked and bicycled today on the Silver Comet trail near Smyrna, Georgia. It was a struggle for me in all 3 phases of my workout, particularly with the bicycle. Bicycling on the Silver Comet was in sharp contrast with memories from my youth. The bikes were simpler then. They had one gear and the pedals were used to activate the brakes. There were two brake brands that I recall. They were “Morrow” and “New Departure”. I preferred “Morrow” because of its superior coasting characteristic. Many of us kids were acrobats on our bikes oblivious to the possibility of a crash. With the bike coasting, I’d come off the seat and move to the middle bar riding the bike side-saddle. Then I’d stand on the bar. Finally I’d move to the very front of the bike and sit on the handle bar. Among us boys on Virginia street in Kingsport, Tennessee, it was a competition for daredevil of the day. As far as I remember, there were no helmets then, but we survived with tolerable bumps and bruises.


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