Emory’s Journalism School

Emory University in Atlanta says it’s discontinuing its Journalism school to focus on other majors. The Dean of the school says it’s a bad decision. Not me. When aspiring journalists ask me which major they should pursue, my answer usually is “History”. A double major in “Speech and English” is my second recommendation. But if a young person is determined to get a “Journalism” degree, there are plenty of other universities offering them. Columbia, Northwestern and UGA are three of the many.


2 Responses to “Emory’s Journalism School”

  1. Dave Says:

    Seems like you’re pretty unfamiliar with the program over there. Emory made its students in the department co-major so that they all would have an additional major to compliment the journalism. By all accounts it seemed like a pretty successful program, they’ve had a lot of alumni go on to work with some very prominate outlets. Definitely a big loss for the school.

    • Don McClellan Says:

      You’re right Dave. Only know what I’ve read in the local newspaper, the AJC. We at WSB have had several excellent Emory graduates over the years. Don

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