Electoral College frustrations

As you learned from studying history, the USA’s founding fathers decided on the electoral college process as a way of choosing the President. It’s a compromise between those who wanted Congress to pick the President and those who favored a popular vote. Voters actually vote for electors who are pledged to vote for one of the Presidential candidates. There are 538 electors chosen by the voters. The winning candidate must get 270 or more. This system often has caused me to feel my vote doesn’t mean anything. It’s because I live in Georgia which once was taken for granted by the Democrats. Now, Georgia is in the Republican column. My vote would definitely have meaning if we were a so-called “swing state” as are Ohio and Florida. Neither the Republicans or Democrats cam take those states for granted in our “winner take all” electoral system. I could move to another state but will likely deal with the frustrations and stay in Georgia.


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