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Absentee ballot

October 31, 2012

You can qualify for an absentee ballot in Georgia if you have a disability, are going to be out of town on election day or age 75 or older. In absentee balloting, there are none of the long waits we’ve had during early voting or expected election day delays. It also gives you a chance to quietly consider your choices or reconsider choices you may have already made. There were only two instances that I didn’t feel firm in my decisions. Both were local races. They involved two incumbents that face no opposition on the ballot. I don’t believe either one of them has done the job well enough. My options were to write-in candidates, not voted at all in those two races,or fill in the oval beside their names. You like to think your vote makes a difference, but I doubt mine will.


Why pay taxes?

October 30, 2012

That is a question a reader posed in today’s (Monday’s) Q&A section of THE ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUION. The AJC researcher gave all the “for government services” answers, but left out at least one significant reason: to stay out of prison. A retired IRS agent has this analogy. He says that we should think of paying taxes as belonging to an exclusive club, the governemt(s). You have to pay your dues or suffer the consequences.

AJC headline?

October 29, 2012

Sunday’s “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution” had a headline that reads, “Women hold balance of power”. So what’s new?

The cutest boo…

October 28, 2012

This youngster was the winner of the youngest division in the costume contest today (Saturday) in Flowery Branch, Georgia. It’s about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. The costume contests were part of the “Boo” 5K staged by the local Masonic Lodge. The 2-year-old seemed puzzled by the award, but her Mom surely was pleased!

Born to be Santa!

October 27, 2012

The picture is of me and Santa from a race 2 or 3 years ago. Santa (aka) Judge Ken Nix died this week. This posting is a tribute to Judge Nix and a remembrance for his family. I covered him in the courtroom. I read about his exploits as a senior softball player. I watched him as Santa. It was a face born to be Santa. His face was kindly, generous and a resonator for his booming Ho! Ho! Hos!. At 73, he was a youngster in spirit when he lost a 6-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Cobb county and the city of Smyrna have named a stretch of a 4-lane road after him. It’s near my home. Every time I drive by, I think of Ken Nix…how his spirit still lives among us much like Santa’s!

9-year-old Champion!

October 26, 2012

Sandi wrote that she wished I had posted a story about 9-year-old Charles Jackson being the overall male winner this past Saturday of the Doraville 5K.Actually, I did post this picture of the neophyte runner in a photo show which you access on my blog. The icon is on the right hand side. Just scroll down and click on photo shows. I’m putting 2 pictures of the young man on my blog to compliment further his achievement.

Baseball boring?

October 25, 2012

I’m sometimes watching the first game of the 2012 Baseball World Series…sometimes not watching..and sometimes using the DVR to speed up the action. Most of the time for me, watching in real time is boring. I admire the skills of the pitchers, hitters and fielders, but velcro inspired adjusting of the batting gloves, conferences on the mound, and pitchers who work slowly combine to cause me to speed forward with TIVO. More than halfway through tonight’s game, the Giants are leading the Cardinals 6-0. They have chased the Cardinals’ best pitcher, Justin Verlander. San Francisco left-hander Barry Zito is pitching a shutout. Their third-baseman Pablo Sandoval has hit 3 home runs in this first game of the World Series! Now in the sixth inning, Zito allows a run before leaving in favor of Tim Lincecum. 6-1 in the middle of the sixth. Goodnight!

Elvis’ twin brother

October 24, 2012

During the early part of my broadcast career, I was a DJ. Had a program called “Don Mac’s Platter Party”.
It included most of Elvis Presley’s early hits including “Heartbreak Hotel”. Between records, there were commercials and pithy patter. During this time, I don’t recall ever talking about Elvis having a twin brother. Perhaps it’s because Elvis himself didn’t learn about his twin until he was twelve. According to several sources, Jesse Garon Presley was still born about 35-minutes after Elvis emerged from his mother’s womb. The date was January 8, 1935. The births were in a two-room shotgun shack in Tupelo, Mississippi. According to one witness, the two babies looked the same except for their eyes. Jesse Garon had brown eyes. Elvis’s were blue. We had the “Everly Brothers”. Had Jesse Garon lived, might we also have had the “Presley Brothers”?

Presidential Debate..Baseball….Football

October 23, 2012

Which to watch on a Monday night? My choice was to sample each one. It’s looks as if San Francisco will win the National League baseball championship. As I write this, Chicago is leading Detroit in a National Football League game. The Presidential debate is done, but we still don’t know the winner. As usual the “spinners” are trying to persuade us that their candidate did the best job in tonight’s verbal battle. But as we’ve learned from experience, there are those that win a battle, but lose the war.

My wife mortified

October 22, 2012

This evening (Sunday), my wife and I went to a restaurant to celebrate her upcoming birthday. It was my treat to be paid for from my “mad money” account. She chose the restaurant. When I reached into my jacket for my wallet, it wasn’t there.The picture shows her reaction. She was mortified. Gisela couldn’t believe that I brought my camera, but forgot my billfold. After hanging her head and causing me to squirm, The “Love Of My Life” volunteered a credit card from her purse. My birthday treat for her came from her “mad money” account.