The “Medea” plot

I showed you a picture yesterday of me on stage in “Medea”, a classic Greek Tragedy by Euripides. Here are two more pics from that centuries old play A friend today wanted to know about the plot. Here it is. Jason and Medea had two children. Jason wanted to move to Corinth which was ruled by King Creon. His secret plan was to leave Medea and marry King Creon’s daughter. He tried to convince Medea that this would upgrade his station in life. Jason argued that his increased influence would benefit her and the children. She didn’t buy it, and vowed revenge. The anti-climax has her killing their two children. As Jason, I’m holding the sword she used to commit the murders. The play ends as Euripides leaves Jason in the misery of losing his children. Medea rides off in a dragon-pulled chariot provided by her grandfather, the Sun god.


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