My high school directory

My high school directory came in the mail today. It’s on a CD. I was anxious to see how many of my classmates from Dobyns-Bennett High in Kingsport, Tennessee still are alive. The directory was of little help. There were many familiar names, but the only info on most of them was their name and the year they graduated. No indication of who’s deceased. How about you and your classmates? Have you kept up with each other?


4 Responses to “My high school directory”

  1. sandie Says:

    I think every person that I’ve ever known has shown up on Facebook… especially classmates from school (all grade levels).. it’s been awesome and I wouldn’t trade it for anything !!

  2. Jim Parks Says:

    Fortunately my graduating class ( 1955 – Columbus High School in Columbus Ga.. has had a reunion every 5 years since the 10th and as best as they can, they acknowledge those who have passed on or have experienced some problem , be it illness, losing a family member etc…. We were/are a pretty close group,,,

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