Elvis’ twin brother

During the early part of my broadcast career, I was a DJ. Had a program called “Don Mac’s Platter Party”.
It included most of Elvis Presley’s early hits including “Heartbreak Hotel”. Between records, there were commercials and pithy patter. During this time, I don’t recall ever talking about Elvis having a twin brother. Perhaps it’s because Elvis himself didn’t learn about his twin until he was twelve. According to several sources, Jesse Garon Presley was still born about 35-minutes after Elvis emerged from his mother’s womb. The date was January 8, 1935. The births were in a two-room shotgun shack in Tupelo, Mississippi. According to one witness, the two babies looked the same except for their eyes. Jesse Garon had brown eyes. Elvis’s were blue. We had the “Everly Brothers”. Had Jesse Garon lived, might we also have had the “Presley Brothers”?


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