9-year-old Champion!

Sandi wrote that she wished I had posted a story about 9-year-old Charles Jackson being the overall male winner this past Saturday of the Doraville 5K.Actually, I did post this picture of the neophyte runner in a photo show which you access on my blog. The icon is on the right hand side. Just scroll down and click on photo shows. I’m putting 2 pictures of the young man on my blog to compliment further his achievement.


6 Responses to “9-year-old Champion!”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Wow! How did that happen. Is he just an incredibly gifted runner for his age?

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Deanna, it was a function of who came. The top two finishers were women. However, Charles has been running for less than 18 months. Perhaps as he matures, he’ll be first regardless of who comes.

  2. Deanna Says:

    That’s great! Keep on running, Charles!

  3. sandie Says:

    Thanks Don 😉

  4. Deborah Snyder Says:

    Hello All! As Charles Mother, I am most likely a bit biased…..however, I do feel he is very special. His Dad and I are very proud!!! Thanks to all who support him…..it’s clear that becoming part of the “running family” is a wonderful thing! Deborah

    • Don McClellan Says:

      Deborah, congratulations on Charles getting another age group win Sunday at the “Give Hope:RSD 5K”. As you know, it began and ended at Wheeler High in east Cobb county.
      A bit chilly, windy and rainy at times, but Charles persevered!

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