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Other fantasies

November 30, 2012

Before there was the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy and the upcoming “The Hobbit” trilogy, there were other movies that shall always live in my childhood memories. The First is “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” released in the 1937-38. It was followed a year later by “The Wizard Of Oz!. “Snow White…” was based on the German Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It was all animated. “The Wizard…” was inspired by Frank Baum’s novel from the year 19-hundred. I expect you have seen them both many times on television. We had 3 theaters in my east Tennessee hometown. “Snow White…” played at the State Theater. “The Wizard was at the Strand and you could always expect a cowboy double-feature at the Rialto. You might see a rat or two too. So I usually spent my dime at either the State or Strand. The popcorn was another 5 cents.

Hobbit land

November 29, 2012

I missed the growing up fantasies of “Lord Of The Rings”. My wife was explaining to me that it’s based on a 1937 book by J.R. Tolkien. She tells me that a prequel called “The Hobbit” is scheduled for release this week in New Zealand where the first of a trilogy is scheduled to premiere. The movies are shot in New Zealand.The reason for my interest is a visit to New Zealand by our 8-year-old grandson, Carston. He’s there with his younger sister and their parents. My wife tells me that he’s standing in front of “Shire”, the fantasy home of the middle-earth hobbits.
What J.R. Tolkien imagined, a large number of people are embracing. Carston’s among them.

They think we’re suckers

November 28, 2012

Circus impresario P.T. Barnum’s infamous quote apparently are words to live by if you’re trying to rip off people on the internet. They begin their e-mail pitches by posing as a friend or acquaintance. One of their more often used opening lines is “Hey Don” or “Hey Mary”, etc. They invite you into their web.
If only a small percentage of the recipients are fooled, the internet pirates have succeeded. Would that AOL, Yahoo or any of the others would devise a security system to block these con artists from using their sites. But until then, it’s up to individuals not to be one of those suckers born every minute.

It’s painful

November 27, 2012

Over the years, I’ve avoided throwing out a lot of “stuff”. It stems from my feeling that one day the stuff will serve a useful purpose or it will become a collectable antique. We quickly filled our attic with old, outdated electronic gear, clothes and dozens of pairs of running shoes.. We then got a contractor to build a storage building behind our house. Now, it’s full too. We’ve talked about the possibility of renting commercial storage space. My son says the cost would between 50 and 100-dollars a month. It would depend on the size of the building. We probably would soon fill it too. I’m wrestling with a decision. My wife favors selling or donating my stuff. She asks,”why keep things you’ll not likely ever use again?” It’s painful.

A big bird visits

November 26, 2012

In our back yard is a small pond with a water circulating system. We once had it stocked with beautiful Koi until a Great Blue Heron came fishing. I was angry and was thinking about going on a Great Blue Heron hunt. But my wife told me the very large species is protected by federal law. So I bided my time on the alert for the big bird’s possible return. This past Saturday as I looked out one of our back windows, I saw what appeared to be about a four-foot winged-span creature swooping into the pond. I watched.This is what I saw emerge from the pond and rest atop a solar powered light. It’s not big enough to be a Great Blue Heron. My wife believes it’s a hawk.My wife says the hawk plays an important part in our eco system. Rodents are its primary prey. I expect it also would have eaten koi had we restocked.

Black Tuesday evolves to Black Friday

November 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 29, 1929 was the beginning of the Great Depression. The bottom fell out of the stock market. Employment was at 20%. A metaphoric black cloud hung over our nation. For years, Black Tuesday in the USA called up horrific memories that lasted for more than a decade. But now, promoters have turned these historic negatives into positives by targeting the day after Thanksgiving for increased sales. Black Friday generally is positive. It’s when merchants promote “bargains” to move their ledgers into the black. They make money. I’m still adjusting my thinking. There are probably several people named “Hitler”, “Hirohito” or “Mussolini” who are good guys.

Thanksgiving at our home!

November 23, 2012

This is a few of our family and friends as we pose behind our Thanksgiving table just before enjoying the feast lovingly prepared by my wife, Gisela… and son, Scott. Scott’s contribution: he shaped the canned rolls before Gisela put them in the oven. The croissants were joined on our Thanksgiving dinner table by a turkey, about half a dozen side dishes, and two deserts. Everything was delicious. God knows our hearts as we say thank you on a day that our ancestors marked as Thanksgiving day. I believe that God knows our thoughts every day..every moment.. not what we say, but what we do..who we really are. That’s what matters! Thank God!

Thanksgiving humor..

November 22, 2012

Bailey Pendergrast is a nurse at Emory University’s Heartcare Risk Reduction Program. Bailey keeps an eye on me and scores of others as we come to exercise at Emory. The day before Thanksgiving she was evoking gentle smiles with questions like this: If the Pilgrims were alive today, what they would best be known for? Answer: Living so long. I think she stole this from a first-grader.

Infamy sells..

November 21, 2012

Paula Broadwell has hired a Washington, D.C. based public relations agency. The Petraeus paramour will be getting professional advice on how best to spin her infamy and capitalize on people’s desire to hear, watch and read more about her adulterous affair.

Write to what you got.

November 20, 2012

The “Dust Bowl” is a two-part television series currently running on PBS. I’m impressed with the plethora of still pictures and people that Ken Burns researchers found for this series. It’s a prime example of “writing to what you got”.