Byron Brown’s final race….

This is my long-time friend Byron Brown yesterday (Saturday) morning just after crossing the finish line in the “Vision and Hearing 5K” in Chamblee Georgia. Less than 16 hours later, the retired Army Lt. Colonel would be dead. It was around 1:15 a.m. Byron was on his way to the unusual “Anything’s Possible” run in Cobb county. The start time was l:50 a.m. You start during daylight saving time. You finish in eastern standard time so you finish before you start. The Vietnam veteran died in a single car accident. Police say he was likely dead before the car went off the road just a few minutes before he would have reached the race start. As I write this, the cause of death is undetermined.
After the Saturday morning race, Byron said, “you’re going to be at “Anything’s Possible” tonight, aren’t you?” I told him that it was too late for old folks like us to be driving, but Byron just laughed it off. We have car-pooled to many a race together usually with Ernie Smallman and Anne Patrick in my van. The conversation was stimulating. We enjoyed each other’s company. I could go on and on about Byron being a great guy, but I’ll end this by telling his widow, Marylyn, how much he loved and admired her. He often reminded us that Marylyn was the valedictorian of her class when she and future football coach Steve Spurrier both attended Science Hill High in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Byron and Marylyn both got their undergraduate degrees from East Tennessee State University, also in Johnson City. I grieve for Marylyn and others whose lives have been enriched by this kind, gentle and loving man.
I’m among the many.


2 Responses to “Byron Brown’s final race….”

  1. Janice Duncan Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better Don……….Byron was one of a kind! He always cared so much about my family, always helping us in so many ways!
    My heart goes out to Marylyn tonight!
    Byron will be missed so much in every aspect, his family, running friends and his church!

  2. sandie Says:

    me too Don….

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