Legalizing physician-assisted suicides..

Voters in Maassachusetts Tuesday voted on a measure that would have legalized physician-assisted suicides for the terminally-ill. Those who came to the polls defeated it by a narrow margin of 51 to 49 percent. Opponents say it would have opened the door to diagnoses that could be wrong. One of the groups that supported the proposal, the “Death with Dignity” organization say the proposal would have offered the terminally-ill the right to make the decision for themselves. Both sides say they hope this marks the beginning of a dialogue about ways to improve end-of-life care in Massachusetts.
Oregon and Washington currently are the only two states that allow terminally-ill patients to get help from their doctors to end their lives with lethal doses of medication. I’m reminded of a television documentary that followed a woman suffering with a terminally ill disease in either Oregon or Washington. Her pain was unbearable. After a long protracted legal battle, the courts finally agreed with her right to make a choice. As she was taking the lethal medicine and slipping away, you heard her say, “this is so easy”.


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