D.I.s were gods…

A recent sex scandal at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas has me remembering my basic training days near San Antonio. We slept in a barracks bay with our bunks stacked side by side. There were no women in our flights. My guess is that today with the gender integrated training, the women and men must have separate sleeping facilities. However, the tough training by D.I.s (Drill Instructors)should be similar. Whatever the D.I.s commanded, we did without question. They were like gods in our basic-training world.. So it’s not surprising that an Air Force investigation revealed that dozens of female recruits were improperly approached, sexually harassed or raped by male D.I.s. The “top brass” is blaming “bad instructors who took advantage of a weak oversight system and the officers who did not adequately supervise them.” The Air Force has vowed to fix the system. Perhaps they should start by emphasizing to recruits and D.I.s that the D.I.s are not gods.


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