A big bird visits

In our back yard is a small pond with a water circulating system. We once had it stocked with beautiful Koi until a Great Blue Heron came fishing. I was angry and was thinking about going on a Great Blue Heron hunt. But my wife told me the very large species is protected by federal law. So I bided my time on the alert for the big bird’s possible return. This past Saturday as I looked out one of our back windows, I saw what appeared to be about a four-foot winged-span creature swooping into the pond. I watched.This is what I saw emerge from the pond and rest atop a solar powered light. It’s not big enough to be a Great Blue Heron. My wife believes it’s a hawk.My wife says the hawk plays an important part in our eco system. Rodents are its primary prey. I expect it also would have eaten koi had we restocked.


2 Responses to “A big bird visits”

  1. Jim Parks Says:

    It is a red shouldered hawk……….I think…………

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