Hobbit land

I missed the growing up fantasies of “Lord Of The Rings”. My wife was explaining to me that it’s based on a 1937 book by J.R. Tolkien. She tells me that a prequel called “The Hobbit” is scheduled for release this week in New Zealand where the first of a trilogy is scheduled to premiere. The movies are shot in New Zealand.The reason for my interest is a visit to New Zealand by our 8-year-old grandson, Carston. He’s there with his younger sister and their parents. My wife tells me that he’s standing in front of “Shire”, the fantasy home of the middle-earth hobbits.
What J.R. Tolkien imagined, a large number of people are embracing. Carston’s among them.


One Response to “Hobbit land”

  1. Chris Nichols Says:

    The character Carston is holding is “Flat Stanley”. We pulled him out of school for four days to make the trip possible. To help minimize the impact on the lost class time we arranged specialized homework with his teacher that focused on some of the unique aspects of New Zealand; things such as geography, natural resources, and indigenous plant and animal life. He has to put together a presentation for his class and Stanley is there to help show some of the places he visited and cues for talking points. It may have been a vacation, but even in the second grade he doesn’t get a completely free ride!

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