Other fantasies

Before there was the “Lord Of The Rings” trilogy and the upcoming “The Hobbit” trilogy, there were other movies that shall always live in my childhood memories. The First is “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” released in the 1937-38. It was followed a year later by “The Wizard Of Oz!. “Snow White…” was based on the German Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It was all animated. “The Wizard…” was inspired by Frank Baum’s novel from the year 19-hundred. I expect you have seen them both many times on television. We had 3 theaters in my east Tennessee hometown. “Snow White…” played at the State Theater. “The Wizard was at the Strand and you could always expect a cowboy double-feature at the Rialto. You might see a rat or two too. So I usually spent my dime at either the State or Strand. The popcorn was another 5 cents.


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