Tracking them in their private plane

One of sons, Chris, is an Avionics Engineer who works for a private jet manufacturer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Chris also is a graduate of an Aircraft Power Plant school, and is a pilot. Though he’s involved in the manufacturer of jets, he owns a 60-year-old propeller plane, the Bonanaza V-Tail. It cruises at about 180 miles an hour depending on conditions. Chris and our family are spending the holidays with us, but today they’re flying the V-Tail round-trip to Havelock, North Carolina. They wanted to spend a few hours with one of our Marine grandsons, Dustin, and his family. Dustin is Chris and his wife’s son. It was a revelation for me to discover a site called “” which allows you to track even the small planes. My retired engineer wife was familiar and showed me how the tracking works. It follows the plane throughout its flight..when it lands for refueling and takes off again. I’ve used similar services for the big commercial airlines, but this was my first time to be amazed that there’s a service which also keeps track of the small aircraft like Chris’. To quote a cliche’, “what won’t they think of next?”.


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