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Covering the storms and the victims…

January 31, 2013

In my mid-years at WSB-Television, we were using film cameras to cover the severe storms that came our way. Reporters and photographers are still out there, but my… how the technology has evolved. The year was 1975 when a tornado came twisting through my neighborhood in northwest Atlanta. It became known as the “Governor’s tornado” because the Governor’s mansion also was in its path. When I heard the sound of a train heading my way, I grabbed my wind-up Bolex camera to record the action. It was just after daylight when I stepped out the front door of my house. The daylight quickly turned to dark as the funnel cloud skipped in my direction. I ground off about 30 seconds before retreating to my “prayer”
closet in the hallway of my home. Despite using high-speed 400 ASA film with an f-stop of 1.6, the processed results were all black. You could see nothing. Today, I watched channel 2 as reporters and photographers captured video on cell-phones…video that was clearly visible. The quality of the professional cameras with the micro-wave and satellite transmissions was even better. Whether 1975 or 2013, the victims of the storms all had similarly sad stories they’ll always remember.


Difference between commercials and reality

January 30, 2013

Have you noticed what a difference there is between “sweet talking” commercials and the
reality of the people you get when you call a company for information or to make a purchase? With some companies, the reality lives up to expectations, but with too many others, there’s a 180 degree difference. Most companies tell you they’re recording your call for security and training purposes. Great! Perhaps we’ll one day be able to see results. But in the meantime, we have little choice but to deal with the frustrations of reality…or not deal with those companies at all.


January 29, 2013

A long-time friend of mine, God willing, will have his 80th birthday in less than 7 months.
He and his high school sweetheart are somewhere in the area of their 60th wedding anniversary.
They’re already great grandparents…expecting their second great grandchild about a month before my friend’s 80th birthday. The couple’s favorite courtin’ tune was written by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby back “in the day”. The lyrics still recall and renew those early days when they hear,

“Maybe I’m right and maybe I’m wrong
Maybe I’m weak and maybe I’m strong
But nevertheless I’m in love with you

Maybe I’ll win and maybe I’ll lose
And maybe I’m in for crying the blues
But nevertheless I’m in love with you

Somehow, I know at a glance
The terrible chances I’m taking
Fine at the start
Then left with a heart that is breaking

Maybe I’ll live a life of regret
And maybe I’ll give much more than I get
But nevertheless, I’m in love with you.
Maybe Ill live a life of regret
And maybe I’ll give much more than I get
But nevertheless, I’m in love with you”

Early in my broadcasting career, I was a DJ with “Don Mac’s Platter Party”. I took phone requests from couples to play their favorite love song. The love songs I most remember are Johnny Mathis’ “Chances are” and Ray Coniff’s ,”S’Wonderful” Would that all those couples have had as long and happy marriages as my friend and his spouse!

Women in combat…

January 28, 2013

At a race today, I ran alongside a friend for awhile. He’s a retired Army Lt. Colonel, the winner of several medals including 2 bronze stars during combat in Vietnam. I asked him how he feels about women going into combat. My friends has strong feelings. He told me that if women in combat had been allowed during his time in the military, he would have resigned his commission. I asked, “what about_________? I was referring to an outstanding woman runner we both know. My friend and I were running the 5.K (3.1 miles). The lady I was asking about was doing the full marathon, 26.2 miles. My friend, the retired Lt. Colonel, said, “there are exceptions.”

The Polar Bear!

January 27, 2013

CIMG1595We’re at the start of the 25th annual Polar Bear 5K Saturday morning. It’s staged by the Johnson Ferry Road Baptist Church in east Marietta, Georgia.CIMG1596More than 13-hundred runners were anxious to get moving. At 8:30 a.m., the temperature was just below freezing, but after just one mile of the 3.1 miles, most were not feeling the cold. I especially was not feeling it. I put hand-warmers inside my gloves.

She walks in beauty..

January 26, 2013

P1190882George Gordon (aka Lord Byron) may have had a woman like Gisela in mind when he penned the poem, “She Walks in Beauty”. She descends the stairs on her way to a musical performance. Gisela is a woman for all seasons. How happy and proud I am to know that she’s my wife!!

“MASH” lives on…

January 25, 2013

I recall when the television series, “MASH” was running on WSB-Television in the 1970s.. The ratings for the already syndicated comedy were declining. When the right to air “MASH” came up for renewal, we declined. My recollection is that we replaced it with another syndicated program starring that new lady from Chicago, Oprah Winfrey. Putting Oprah on channel 2 proved to be a good choice, but we were wrong about “MASH”. It lives on with the episodes playing again, again and AGAIN. Its latest run is on the WSB-owned “Me” cable channel …2.2 on the tuner. Though I’ve seen most of the episodes several times, I still find myself smiling, and sometimes laughing out loud again, again and AGAIN.

Drilling Under the Influence

January 24, 2013

DentistRobertGarelickPracticingwhileDrunk-1-23-13This is Long Island dentist Dr. Robert Garelick as police arrested the 57-year-old for allegedly practicing while drunk. Police say he was drilling on a patient’s chipped tooth.DentistDrunkAccoused#2-1-23-13Later, Dr. Garelick said, “it was the stupidist thing I ever did.” Perhaps you’ve noticed, alcohol often is the root of stupidity.

Evil is necessary….

January 23, 2013

I’m about halfway through a book entitled “Proof of Heaven”. Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon, writes about his NDE (near death experience}. During his out-of-body time, Dr. Alexander says God communicated with him..not with words…but with thoughts. One of those thoughts: there are many other universes like ours. Most life forms are more advanced than the human species. According to the the Neurosurgeon, God told him that the level of evil in these other worlds is much less than ours, but there is just a little evil in all universes. Why hasn’t God eliminated it? The answer writes Alexander: a little evil is necessary for free choice, an essential ingredient for all of God’s creations. You can make the choice to believe, but you don’t have to believe to be entertained.

A second term..

January 22, 2013

President Obama took the official second-term oath of office Sunday as required by law. However, today he took the oath a second time…this one for the general public. It was a good show. Now comes the real test: a President who will lead without running for re-election.