11 or 12 inches….

My wife, my son and I went out today to celebrate my son’s birthday. There are several well-recommended restaurants in a nearby mall. We got to the mall about 6 p.m. Finding a parking place was next to impossible. So I left my wife and son circling the lots while I ran inside a restaurant to get a table. People waiting told me it would be awhile. I ask the hostess how long. She told me at least 30 minutes. I went back outside and flagged down my wife and son. We were hungry so he chose an appetizing alternative to the fancy mall restaurants. We went to a nearby Subway restaurant.CIMG5164We ordered our sandwiches and headed home to enjoy them. We had heard about the controversy of whether Subway was engaging in false advertising. One of their customers measured the Subway “foot-longs” as an inch short. I’m wondering how Subway will deal with the issue. Will they ask their bun bakers to add an extra inch or might they change their ads to reflect the real length? Regardless, the controversy already has resulted in a lot of free word-of-mouth and social-media advertising. We enjoyed our eleven-inchers. Does that little difference in size really matter to most customers?


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