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Great Expectatiions…

February 28, 2013

All the hype about the academy award winning movie, “Argo”, created great expectations. Last night, I watched the DVD. It was entertaining. I enjoyed the movie, but I doubt any film could measure up to the great expectations created by the hype.

On which end should you wear pants….

February 27, 2013

KatieYELLOWpantsONhead02-26-13My wife sent our grand-daughter, Katie, a pair of pants. Yellow is Katie’s favorite color, but she hasn’t figured out which end to put the pants on. The two-year-old appears to be doing just what comes naturally. Who says you can’t wear pants on your head?!

See you near the finish…

February 26, 2013

P1200825Television monitors at the finish line of some races give spectators and runners a chance to see themselves watching or finishing. The younger people especially seem to like it. There’s also instant live results you can access with a “smart” phone…and kiosks that gives you a ticket with your individual results. I’m looking for an enhancement that makes me faster with the same effort.

Love the enthusiasm

February 25, 2013

P120081119-year-old Avery Hart’s a member of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority at West Georgia University in Carrollton, Georgia. She was among her sorority sisters today (Sunday) at the “A Step At a Time 5K”. The two thumbs up signals a “can do” attitude….just before she crossed the finish line. Avery”s attitude is beautiful……it can be contagious.

A Saturday without

February 24, 2013

a race is like a day without sunshine. I missed both today…no race and no sunshine.

Fact, Fiction or both?

February 23, 2013

On the weekend of the “Oscars” the debate over fact or fiction is again out there. Are some of the nominated movies supposedly based on fact …. fact or fiction? My take is that they are a little bit of both. For example, the Congressional roll call near the end of “Lincoln” that shows two Connecticut Congressmen voting against the amendment to abolish slavery never happened. All of he state’s representatives voted for the amendment. Do most people go to a movie expecting it to be completely accurate? I doubt it. Most go to be entertained. Truth is somewhere lower on the priority list as it is with this year’s “Oscar” nominees.

Alec Evans triggers a huge increase.

February 22, 2013

The mention of Alec Evans in yesterday’s blog was followed by a big spike in hits…the number of people who read the blog. You may recall that the 85-year-old Evans is serving a life term for the 1964 slaying of 3 Gwinnett County police officers. It’s curious that so many people still are interested in an event that happened almost half a century ago.

“I’m gonna fight it till the day I die….

February 21, 2013

Those are the last words I heard from convicted triple-murderer Alec Evans. Since 1965, Evans has been in prison for the 1964 slaying of 3 Gwinnett County, Georgia officers. I long ago wrote a book about the murders, but never have attempted to publish it. I write about it on my blog again because one of our readers comments that someone else has written a book about the case, and wants to know what I think about it. See the “comments” section of this blog. Haven’t read the manuscript, but perhaps it will satisfy the appetite of those who keep urging me to publish my account of the story.

My son’s owner

February 20, 2013

IMG_0410Olivia is her name. My son, Scott, belongs to her. They’ve been together now about 5 years. Olivia still rules Scott’s household as I’m guessing do the felines who live with you rule yours. The common commands: feed me, pet me and play with me.

A view from on high…

February 19, 2013

Who among us has not observed an ant colony in action. At first glance, they may seem to be scurrying about with no particular purpose. But those who closely study the crawling creatures tell us that all the movements have a purpose. Most members of the human species may think we have a purpose too, but what does the intensely magnified visual and intellectual view from on high show. Like the ants, we may be seen as scurrying about with no particular purpose.