Video of the mass murders.

On my way home from a race today, I stopped by a store to buy an apple pie. In a video bin, I saw a DVD entitled, “The Rise and Fall of Germany” I bought it for a little less than ten-dollars. Toward the end of World War II, Army signal corp photographers shot much of the video seen on the DVD. The writers for the pieces showed their USA nationalistic biases, but the pictures told these stories better than any words. They are horrible images of the bodies at the German concentration camps…images that we have seen many times since the corpses were found in 1945. The term “holocaust” initially referred to the 6-million Jewish people who died unspeakable deaths. “Holocaust” has now come to mean people of many nationalities who were victims of Hitler’s policies. It’s a nightmare that we may want to deny, but shouldn’t. We should watch this video again and again to reduce the chances of it ever happening again.


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