It’s been my pleasure and displeasure to have had more than a dozen surgeries in the past 40 years.CIMG4895These 2 young ladies, Ivey and Cynthia have been part of the pleasure…the excellent care that so many people have given me during each visit. This week it was a surgical procedure called TURP. You can google it if you’re curious.CIMG4902My surgeon is Dr. Kenneth Rutledge performing the procedure in Kennestone hospital in Marietta, Georgia. I had excellent support from my wife, Gisela, and several friends. They included running buddy,CIMG4888 Nurse Susan Breeding who was on duty at Kennestone when I checked in. My son, Scott, provided the transport both ways. About the DISPLEASURE, it’s the painful catheter. You can google catheter too if you want to know more. May you never know about a catheter from personal experience. God willing a Physician’s Assistant (PA) will remove mine tomorrow.


One Response to “TURP”

  1. Janice Says:

    Don, I’m wishing you a FAST recovery and hope to see you back out on the road at a race SOON!!
    Be good and listen to all your medical professionals, and Gisela!!

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