With the winds of March, I’m remembering my first kite. I made it myself from a couple of sticks, a newspaper and flour glue. The store-bought ones cost 5-cents…much more than I could afford. But the home-made kite flew just fine until it got hung up on a utility line. I yanked and I pulled until the string broke. I was disappointed, but it was one of my first lessons in using failure to achieve success. I made another kite, another and another. Each was better than the last. I earned my doctorate in kite making with a box kite. My first kite still was lodged on the utility line when the box version flew for the first time. Eventually I bought several kites, but none gave me the sense of satisfaction that came from building my own. That’s the way it is with so many things in life..there’s greater satisfaction when you do it yourself.


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