Blizzard of 93 remembered…

Today (Wednesday) is the 20th anniversary of Georgia’s blizzard of 1993. It paralyzed metro Atlanta and areas extending outward for several miles. We at WSB-Television were on the air around the clock. Every reporter, photographer and producer who worked in the field has stories to tell. Much of my particular assignment took me north of Atlanta on interstate-75. I remember the long lines of tractor-trailer trucks that had come to a halt on and beside the highways. The fortunate truckers had made their way to nearby truck stops. The truck-stop stores quickly sold out of supplies. Vendors were not able to get to them for restocking. The storm hit when just a few days before the temperature had been a Spring-like 70 degrees. The weather experts told us we’d not likely see another storm like the blizzard of 93 in our lifetimes. However, until March is done, let’s not count on it.


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