My lady Lisa

IMG_0209The painter who created this picture has named her “Mona Lisa Jones”. It is believed that Da Vinci painted the original Mona (My Lady)Lisa between 1503 and 1506. Mona Lisa was the wife of a wealthy Florentine Silk Merchant. He commissioned the painting of his wife. There are some who believe Da Vinci may have used characteristics from other women in the picture.IMG_0214My friend, Diana, says she painted her version of Mona over a period of two months. She says the hardest part for her was working with black paint which was unforgiving. Once it was on the canvas, it was difficult to modify. On the other hand, it has produced what may be unique results in Mona Lisa Jones.IMG_0209 The original Mona Lisa is displayed in the Paris “Louvre” museum. Diana’s Mona Lisa Jones is on display in her Atlanta home.


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