The dietitian says….

The health club where I go includes a dietitian on staff. Today was the first day a newly-arrived dietitian was scheduled to meet with clients who had made appointments. Her first appointment didn’t show so I volunteered. She questioned me about my current food fare and when I ate it. During the halcyon days at WSB-Television, I often covered 5 or 6 stories a day. That meant eating on the run…if at all. My non-stop story telling usually meant my only full meal was at the end of the day. My body is accustomed to one meal a day. The dietitian told me that’s the only thing she would change about my eating…have breakfast to get my metabolism going. It’s something I’ve known for a long time, but my body hasn’t demanded a change and eating breakfast might interfere with my early-morning exercise routine. Still, the dietitian underlined what I already knew…that a light breakfast is a good idea. I’m thinking about it.


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