I’ve thought about it and decided…

Yesterday, I posted how a dietitian at my health club recommended I begin eating a light breakfast to get my metabolism started. I wrote that I would think about it. On reflection, I’ve decided that the many supplements I ingest to start the day are better than any breakfast. Just a few of them are Juice+, CoQ10, complex B12, vitamin E…and so it goes. My conclusion is that I’m swallowing breakfast, albeit not traditional food.

One Response to “I’ve thought about it and decided…”

  1. CIndy Gallagher, RD,LD Says:

    All those seem like good supplement choices, but they are just that: supplements. None of them provide you carbohydrate, protein, or fat, which are sources of energy. Energy equates to calories and calories help you kick start your metabolism! Listen to your dietitian: she’s giving you solid advice. 🙂

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