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Confined to my home by service calls

March 21, 2013

On those days you schedule service calls, you or someone usually must be at home. It seems confining though you may have planned to be at home all day anyway. Depending on the service company, you will get a two to eight hour “window”. Today, I was fortunate to schedule two different service needs within the same 4 hour “window”. Instead of it being confining, it was productive. It motivated me to do several things that I had delayed doing. Some of it was on the computer, but other activity had me clearing messes that had accumulated over several days, weeks and months. (my wife would say years). At the end of my confinement, the service jobs were done, my computer tasks are now fewer, and we can see clearly parts of our house we hadn’t seen for awhile. Hooray for confinement!

Costa Rica Rooster

March 20, 2013

DSC00072This colorful creature rules its hen harem in Costa Rica. It’s another of the 360 pictures my wife back from her visit to the Central American country.

Humming in Costa Rica

March 19, 2013

DSC00068This is a humming bird doing its thing in Costa Rica. My wife, Gisela, shot this picture. She recently returned from a short visit to the island that is very attractive to many people because of its tax structure and living conditions. Only money earned in Costa Rica is taxable in Costa Rica. How do they keep taxes low? One reason may be their defense budget. Costa Rica hasn’t had an army since 1949.

“It’s only alcohol. What’s the big deal?”

March 18, 2013

The above is a headline from an ad that appeared today (Sunday) in a Georgia newspaper. The ad with a message was funded by the Cobb County school district and the Cobb Alcohol Task Force. After asking, “what’s the big deal?”, the ad goes on to list the “big deal”.
1. “Alcohol harms and kills more youth than all illegal drugs combined.”
2. “Alcohol is the #1 drug of choice among adolescents.”

Does it surprise anyone that this pattern continues well beyond adolescence?

St. Patrick .

March 17, 2013

Historians write that the legend of St. Patrick likely is another exaggeration that supports a myth. Most seem to agree that he lived in the 5th century A.D……….that he was a Britisher captured by the Irish in a raid on his wealthy family’s home….escaped after 6 years in an Irish prison….returned to Ireland as a Christian Evangelist. The tale of his driving the snakes out of Ireland is a good story, but not true. Celebrating St. Patrick’s day reminds me of one of the first lessons learned in philosophy: there’s your truth…there’s my truth….then there’s the truth. In this life, we likely never will know THE truth about the mortal known as St. Patrick.

Warranted Bewares….

March 16, 2013

Were there any warranted “Bewares” for you in today’s “Ides of March”. In conference college basketball tournaments, Duke and Georgetown justifiably, perhaps, could blame their upset defeats on Shakespeare. or not.

My lady Lisa

March 15, 2013

IMG_0209The painter who created this picture has named her “Mona Lisa Jones”. It is believed that Da Vinci painted the original Mona (My Lady)Lisa between 1503 and 1506. Mona Lisa was the wife of a wealthy Florentine Silk Merchant. He commissioned the painting of his wife. There are some who believe Da Vinci may have used characteristics from other women in the picture.IMG_0214My friend, Diana, says she painted her version of Mona over a period of two months. She says the hardest part for her was working with black paint which was unforgiving. Once it was on the canvas, it was difficult to modify. On the other hand, it has produced what may be unique results in Mona Lisa Jones.IMG_0209 The original Mona Lisa is displayed in the Paris “Louvre” museum. Diana’s Mona Lisa Jones is on display in her Atlanta home.

Blizzard of 93 remembered…

March 14, 2013

Today (Wednesday) is the 20th anniversary of Georgia’s blizzard of 1993. It paralyzed metro Atlanta and areas extending outward for several miles. We at WSB-Television were on the air around the clock. Every reporter, photographer and producer who worked in the field has stories to tell. Much of my particular assignment took me north of Atlanta on interstate-75. I remember the long lines of tractor-trailer trucks that had come to a halt on and beside the highways. The fortunate truckers had made their way to nearby truck stops. The truck-stop stores quickly sold out of supplies. Vendors were not able to get to them for restocking. The storm hit when just a few days before the temperature had been a Spring-like 70 degrees. The weather experts told us we’d not likely see another storm like the blizzard of 93 in our lifetimes. However, until March is done, let’s not count on it.

My cell phone betrayed me….

March 13, 2013

Today (Tuesday) I was anticipating a cell phone call from my gas company to meet them at a rental house so they could turn on the gas. The gas people called me twice, but I didn’t hear the phone ringing. Apparently the volume button had been accidentally slid to zero. Electronic gear has become so efficient that it seems to me it ought to protect me against my mistakes. We could call it a “stupid protector”. I’d be the first customer.

Alec Evans…

March 12, 2013

This is a name recognition test. In the past when I’ve written about convicted Alec Evans and the murder of 3 Gwinnett county police officers, the reaction from readers surprises me. The triple killings happened almost 50 years ago, but apparently the interest still is there. The hits on this blog spike regardless of what I write about Evans. The former deputy has been in a south Georgia prison since his conviction in 1965,