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Smart phone adventure…

April 30, 2013

For years, I’ve avoided upgrading from a flip cell to a smart phone because of the increased cost for service. Today, I took the plunge and obligated myself for the extra expense. I’m looking forward to it making me smarter. My wife is not optimistic.


The snake handlers…

April 29, 2013

Reference the posting in the comment section of this blog about the Snake Handlers. Wonder if it was a Cartersville church situated in Kingston because we were in Kingston.

My Saturday…

April 28, 2013

A race and a Saturday wedding were the highlights of my Saturday!

Our conversation…

April 27, 2013

My wife and I were almost to St. Simons when we learned about the bombings near the the finish of the Boston marathon. WSB-Television Reporter Lori Geary called me from Atlanta to interview me about my recollections of Boston when I ran the 26.2 Hopkinton to Bolyston Street course many years ago. Lori also is a veteran marathoner. Lori asked whether I could guess what the runners felt when the bombs exploded? I couldn’t imagine, but speculated based on my experience at Boston and many other marathons. You’re feeling fatigue and exhilaration as you approach the finish line. There’s a sense of accomplishment like no other…the endorphins are flowing…and then the shock of the explosions…I couldn’t imagine…. Lori also wanted to know whether I thought this apparent act of terrorism would discourage runners…would keep them away from other races. No, I didn’t think so. Runners, particularly those who do marathons, are hardy…often stubborn people. As a group runners can be likened to the general population in the United States during World War II and other times when this country has been under attack. We will persevere. As many of this year’s Boston marathoners have said since the bombing, they’ll not only go to other races, but next year, they will return to Boston!

Learning about Boston….

April 26, 2013

It was the third Monday in April….Patriot’s Day in metro Boston where my wife grew up. It was also the day of the Boston Marathon. My wife and I were on our annual trip to St. Simons, Georgia for our beach adventure. We were almost there when my cell phone rang. It was our WSB-Television station manager, Marian Pittman, calling. Marian told me there had been an explosion near the finish of the marathon. Could I help with leads on people who might be somewhere on the 26.2 mile course? Based on my own experience in running Boston many years ago, could I do an immediate phone interview with one of our reporters back in Atlanta? A few minutes later, reporter Lori Geary was on the line with me. Lori and I once ran in another marathon together..not side by side but somewhere in the same crowd. In my next posting, I’ll try to remember our conversation.

Thanks for asking!

April 25, 2013

Thank you for asking where I’ve been. More later! Don


April 15, 2013

Saturday was a day for going a distance I don’t often walk-run anymore=about 9.5 miles. Only a few years ago, it was nothing to do two marathons on the same weekend, but no more. Tomorrow morning is the 26.2 mile Boston marathon. It’ll be 22 years since I was there. Ah memories….

Rain, wind and a possible tornado…

April 12, 2013

Tornado warnings and tornado watches are out tonight (Thursday night) for parts of middle and north Georgia. It includes the metro Atlanta area. We welcome the rain to wash away the pollen that has accumulated like snow on cars, trucks and other vehicles. But it’s the potentially deadly tornadoes that keeps us on the alert. If the tornado warning siren sounds, my wife has a plan. She, I, and our two felines will gather in the bathtub of the downstairs bathroom. It’s good to have a retired engineer spouse who’s thought this through. I’ve personally experienced one other tornado that ravaged Atlanta more than 35 years ago. As a reporter for WSB-TV, I’ve covered the aftermath of many more. The most common description: “it sounded like a freight train”. The most common reaction: “we’ve lost everything, but thank God we’re still alive.” As I write this, I hear thunder, but no freight train so far. Thank God!!!

From furnace to Air Conditioner

April 11, 2013

It’s that time of year again in Georgia. We take the chill out of the air with a short furnace run early in the morning. By nightfall with the outdoor temp at 83 degrees, we switch to the AC. My wife prefers the cold. I prefer the heat so we compromise. We have it her way most of the time.

Bad news and good news…

April 10, 2013

Our long time income tax preparer sent me our returns for 2012. The bad mews for us is that we’ll be writing a large check to the U.S. Treasury. The good news: the state of Georgia owes us money. We’ll be a long way from breaking even, but the state refund will make the federal payment a bit more bearable.