Our conversation…

My wife and I were almost to St. Simons when we learned about the bombings near the the finish of the Boston marathon. WSB-Television Reporter Lori Geary called me from Atlanta to interview me about my recollections of Boston when I ran the 26.2 Hopkinton to Bolyston Street course many years ago. Lori also is a veteran marathoner. Lori asked whether I could guess what the runners felt when the bombs exploded? I couldn’t imagine, but speculated based on my experience at Boston and many other marathons. You’re feeling fatigue and exhilaration as you approach the finish line. There’s a sense of accomplishment like no other…the endorphins are flowing…and then the shock of the explosions…I couldn’t imagine…. Lori also wanted to know whether I thought this apparent act of terrorism would discourage runners…would keep them away from other races. No, I didn’t think so. Runners, particularly those who do marathons, are hardy…often stubborn people. As a group runners can be likened to the general population in the United States during World War II and other times when this country has been under attack. We will persevere. As many of this year’s Boston marathoners have said since the bombing, they’ll not only go to other races, but next year, they will return to Boston!


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