Jodi Arias

In a case that has nationwide attention, a Phoenix, Arizona Jury found 32-year-old Jodi Arias guilty of murder in the first degree. Now she told a TV reporter that she’d rather die right away rather than go to prison for life. The jury convicted her of the 2008 brutal slaying of her ex-boyfriend. After a meeting with Arias’ attorneys, a judge has temporarily postponed the next phase of her trial. One source says the postponement’s because the Medical Examiner will be out of town until Friday. The last phase of the trial will determine whether Arias gets life in prison or a death sentence. Arias says death is the ultimate freedom and she wants that freedom as soon as possible. Perhaps the jury will accommodate her with its decision. But even so, a judge could decide she’s too “crazy” to be executed. Could that be her strategy?


One Response to “Jodi Arias”

  1. jduncan395 Says:

    I think she is playing mind games with them all. I’ve been following this trial and this girl is a major manipulator!

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