Residence Requirement for “Death with Dignity”

HBO recently repeated its documentary, “How To Die in Oregon”. Both the states of Oregon and Washington have passed laws that allow doctor-assisted deaths for terminally-ill patients. Oregon was first. Though it may have escaped me, I don’t remember any reference to residency requirements in the HBO documentary. So I googled it. According to newspaper articles found by google, there are no minimum residency requirements. All you have to prove to your doctor is that you either rent or own a house or apartment at the time you seek his assistance for “death with dignity”. It begs the question of how many people move to Oregon or Washington for the sole purpose of dying on their own terms.


One Response to “Residence Requirement for “Death with Dignity””

  1. Greg Snider Says:

    In the seventeen years this law has been in effect here in Oregon, NONE of the slippery slope scenarios have come to pass.
    There is no evidence of suicide tourism.
    Instead it has proven to be a compassionate way for people to have control over their final suffering and for families and friends to share and assist in their loved ones final moments.

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