Attacking geese?

CIMG0016This is a family of Canadian Geese at Lullwater Park on the Emory University campus in Atlanta, Georgia. Nearby is an all-adult group.
CIMG0013They appear to be peaceful, but a friend of mine says they will attack in force if they feel threatened. My friend owns a farm in south Georgia. He told me a group of these birds visited his farm and decided to stay. Their poop became a nuisance so he tried to shoo them away. The Canadians not only didn’t leave, but they fought back. He ran for his car. As he was trying to get the door open, the geese began pecking his back. Those apparently have adopted my friend’s farm as their homeland. Canada is only a memory. The U.S.A.’s migratory bird act of 1918 puts the Canadian Geese on the federally protected endangered species list. Without a federal permit, there’s little my friend can legally do to rid himself on his unwanted poopers.


One Response to “Attacking geese?”

  1. Cindy Says:

    We lived in Newton Upper Falls, MA, right next to the Charles River some years ago. The Canada geese originally traveled very far inland to molt and breed and raise their ducklings, but as people began to feed them, they moved further and further back towards town. Why travel so far when a free meal was close by?

    Newton Centre had a small lake in front of the court house, a nice walk path, benches to sit upon; a perfect place to take my 2 year old and infant son for a picnic. Or so I thought. As we approached the lake, Canada geese began waddling and waddle-running down to the lake, splashed in, and swam across to our side, honking loudly. My little guy was in a baby backpack on my back; my two year old little girl was next to me, her face at the same height as the bills of these geese. She thought they were lovely, and was talking to them as little folks will do. Mom, on the other hand, was starting to break out into a sweat as these big birds were surrounding us! When the big goose that Katie was talking to hissed at her, that was it. I snatched her up under one arm, grabbed the diaper and lunch bags in the other, and the three of us charged up the hill. NEVER again did we venture to that spot again.

    Canada geese are very dangerous animals!

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