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Grandma’s pushing…

June 30, 2013

IMG_0910This is Debbie Schulte pushing her grand.daughter in today’s (Saturday’s) 5K Freedom Run. We’re in Jefferson, Georgia a little more than an hour’s drive northeast of Atlanta. This is the first buggy event for the very fast age group runner.IMG_0947Debbie was motivated by the upcoming separation from 3-year-old Mabry. Maby’s parents are moving half-way around the world to another country for new jobs. Debbie and Grandpa Gene Schulte are spending as much time as they can with their grandchildren before their departure. It’s about a month away. I know how they feel.


“The medals don’t mean anything…”

June 29, 2013

Six-time Olympic winner Jackie Joyner Kersee writes, “The medals don’t mean anything and the glory doesn’t last. It’s all about your happiness.” Amen!

Most people say, “fine”

June 28, 2013

Did you ever sit in a doctor’s waiting room watching and listening as Medical Assistants come to escort patients into the examining room. The MA often greets the patient with, “how are you today?” Patients usually answer, “fine.” If they’re fine, why have they come to see the doctor? Maybe it’s a social visit or a followup appointment to a time when they were not fine.

Those cucumbers!

June 27, 2013

Mmmm good!


June 26, 2013

CIMG0004These are the first 2 cucumbers we’ve harvested this year. It’s not a big deal for most gardeners, but for us it is. Most of our potential gardening space has too much shade. So when we grow any produce, it’s a triumph. My wife says we’ll eat them tomorrow.(Wednesday).

Two shy turtles or tortoises

June 25, 2013

IMG_0894This is one of two turtles or tortoises on my running-walking path today (Monday) at Lullwater Park on the Emory University campus in metro Atlanta. The hard-shell creatures may have come out of a nearby lake or maybe their homeland was just near the lake.. Both reptiles were shy. This one’s neck was extended when I first saw it, but as soon as I came up close for the picture, it retreated to its shell.IMG_0894This is the first one I saw. It was about half a mile from the second one. You probably remember the story of the tortoise and the hare…how the tortoise was slow but steady beating out the over confident hare. A tortoise is a land dweller….a turtle is a water dweller. Whether tortoise or turtle, both were slow moving..not moving at all with me near them. Both still were in the middle of the asphalt path when I left them.

You don’t have to threaten

June 24, 2013

In metro Atlanta, a Grand Jury has indicted the head of one of our local governments. If I understand correctly, the indictment accuses the official or his agents of calling vendors and asking them to donate to his political campaign and telling them if they don’t donate, they aren’t likely to get the local governments business. If true, someone made a stupid mistake. Candidates don’t have to threaten verbally the loss of government business. It’s implied when you ask for a donation. Vendors know if you don’t make a donation, you’ll likely be at the back of the line when it comes to getting business. That’s one of the motivations for businesses that contribute to all sides in a political contest. Whoever wins, the donors are covered.

Happy moments running and on-stage!

June 23, 2013

MedeaETSUmay1957I was looking for pictures of my finishing today’s (Saturday’s) Monroe 5K Stretch Run. My friend, Gene Schulte sent them to me. I’ve saved them on my hard drive, but when I attempt to upload them to this blog, they’re not cooperating. Inexplicably, what did insert themselves are these 2 pics from a stage play, the Greek tragedy: “Medea”. I was the lead male, Jason.(the guy in the black cape) Has nothing to do with running, but it, like running, was among the many happy moments in my life.

The Atlanta Track Club loses its executive director

June 22, 2013

TraceyRussellRESIGNS-6-21-13Tracey Russell has resigned as executive director of the Atlanta Track Club for a job in Los Angeles. The Atlanta Track Club news release says Russell has accepted a job directing the Asics L.A. Marathon. It seems like only yesterday that she came to Atlanta to succeed the retiring Julia Emmons. What seems like yesterday was actually 6 years ago that Russell migrated to the ATC from a similar position in Richmond, Virginia. She will remain in Atlanta for this year’s Peachtree Road Race. The chairman of the ATC board, Charles Crawford, said they’ll appoint a search committee to find the ATC’s next executive director.

Poison Ivy

June 21, 2013

CIMG0002A friend and I were walking today along a sidewalk near my home. My friend stopped and pointed at the leaves you see in this picture. He told me that it’s poison ivy. He knows about such things. I don’t, but I have heard the stories about how it can make your skin and you miserable. My friend warns, “when you see these kind of leaves, stay away.”