Moonshine memories

In my early days as a reporter at WSB-Television in Atlanta, I went on a lot of moonshine raids. Perhaps the most memorable was with a sheriff in a metro Atlanta county. Covering this sheriff’s activities was part of our regular beat. One day, my photographer partner and I were fishing for stories. We asked this particular sheriff if he had anything going on. He thought for a moment and said, “just a minute.” He came back and said, “I’m going out to a fellow’s house where he sells moonshine, would you like to go?” We went. The sheriff and his deputies were on camera breaking several containers of “shine”. We later learned the sheriff had called the moonshiner to tell him he was coming..bringing the TV boys from Atlanta with him. He told the moonshiner to put away the good stuff…that being on TV would help him (the sheriff) in his re-election campaign. It must have worked. The sheriff was re-elected until finally he died in office. The moonshiners were especially sad to see him go.


One Response to “Moonshine memories”

  1. David Says:

    Mike McDougald was an employee of WSB Radio…he discovered a country-boy by the shores of Lake Lanier who had a fishing story to tell…that fellow? Junior Samples, before he was discovered by the producers of “Hee-Haw” TV Show. Here’s the way Junior told the story: . Copy and paste that link to your browser to hear this funny story.

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