Memorable and insistent…

During the 1960s, I fielded many of the requests for news coverage that came into WSB-Television in Atlanta. It was the the height of the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others. A young man repeatedly called to tell us about planned protests. We struggled with when to send reporters and photographers to these demonstrations. One of the questions we asked ourselves is whether our cameras being there would encourage actions that might lead to violence. It was a thin line to walk. Sometimes we didn’t go. The phone would ring. On the other end often would be this angry sounding voice. He was asking why we weren’t there and didn’t we know what we were missing. He was insistent. In retrospect, I’d like to believe we always made the “right” decision, but recognize we didn’t. After Dr. King’s assassination, this insistent caller went on to a successful political career of his own. I didn’t cover him so had no personal impressions of this young man beyond the 1960s. As you probably know he recently made the kind of headlines he wishes he hadn’t.
The Federal government indicted Georgia State Representative Tyrone Brooks on 30 counts of tax fraud. Brooks insists he is not guilty. [


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