The ringmaster!

IMG_1322Able to button up his “ringmaster” pants after more than 10 years away from the show. IMG_1329As a favor to an old friend, Jim Parks is putting on his red coat and ringmaster’s hat again. He’ll be in the center ring for the World Cup qualifying event to pick American Saddle horses and their riders for the World Cup finals in Capetown, South Africa later this Summer.IMG_1330The qualifying event is June 25th, 26th and 27th at a park in New Orleans. After Jim accepted the assignment, he adopted a plan to reduce his size to fit into his ringmaster outfit. He’s now doing 3-hundred crunches every day. The former sign-company owner says he hasn’t seen much reduction in weight, but can tell that it’s re-distributed.IMG_1335Jim tells me that red coat is heavy and hot, but it’s what a ringmaster wears.IMG_1343Both Jim and I are runners-walkers. We’d just come back from a jaunt through the neighborhood when he agreed to don the warm gear just for the pictures. Jim says he’ll NOT be going to South Africa for the World Cup finals, but he may continue those 3-hundred daily crunches.


One Response to “The ringmaster!”

  1. CIndy Gallagher, RD,LD Says:

    The coat is handsome and so is Mr. Parks! You’re smart to be cautious wearing that coat. In July. In New Orleans!

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