Two shy turtles or tortoises

IMG_0894This is one of two turtles or tortoises on my running-walking path today (Monday) at Lullwater Park on the Emory University campus in metro Atlanta. The hard-shell creatures may have come out of a nearby lake or maybe their homeland was just near the lake.. Both reptiles were shy. This one’s neck was extended when I first saw it, but as soon as I came up close for the picture, it retreated to its shell.IMG_0894This is the first one I saw. It was about half a mile from the second one. You probably remember the story of the tortoise and the hare…how the tortoise was slow but steady beating out the over confident hare. A tortoise is a land dweller….a turtle is a water dweller. Whether tortoise or turtle, both were slow moving..not moving at all with me near them. Both still were in the middle of the asphalt path when I left them.


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