A week in the hospital…

My surgeon says I can expect to be in the hospital 5 to 7 days after my upcoming heart surgery. I’ve never spent more than two consecutive nights in a hospital bed. I’m thinking about how boring and tedious it’s going to be. There must be some creative, entertaining and productive things you can do in a hospital bed. Any suggestions?


6 Responses to “A week in the hospital…”

  1. Ray Craddick Says:

    Don, You are much in our thoughts and prayers now and during your surgery and recuperation. To while away the time, keep track of your dreams!!!

  2. BaileyPendergrast Says:

    Remember those chair exercises? Well you can do some of that from the bed too. Wiggle your toes, ankles circles,tighten your thigh muscles. You won’t be in the bed long and I will be over there to make sure you are not !

  3. Kitty Jacobs Says:

    Don, I was so surprised to hear about your problems….must be contagious, because I just got out of the hospital…My aortic valve is not opening and closing properly…I was supposed to have stints put into my leg, but my vein was too small….Emory doctors knew my chest was not good because I had radiation in 1970 for breast cancer and the chest could have been damaged by the radiation…they put stints in my groin and I’m home for now. On the 13th I will return to Emory for surgery to follow on the 14th, when they will replace my aortic valve….If you ever need someone to talk to, which I doubt, just want you to know I would be thrilled to talk to you….my shoulders are BIG AND BROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers! Kitty Jacobs

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