A 3-year-old needs a new heart

IMG_2355Three-year-old Braden Knebel and his mother, Michelle, before the begging of a 5K race to raise money to get a new heart. Braden was born with a weakened heart. He’s undergone several surgeries, but ultimately will need a new heart to stay alive. IMG_2544 The three-year-old’s mother, father and 6-year-old brother live in north Georgia near the town of Commerce. The money raised today will help pay for Braden’s health care expenses while he waits to get on the list for a new heart.


2 Responses to “A 3-year-old needs a new heart”

  1. jcol105457@aol.com Says:

    God bless this little man! Will also be praying for you this week Mr.Don & pray your heart procedure goes well.

  2. Diane Says:

    As new 5Kers, my kids and I thoroughy enjoy seeing you at local races. I started running again in the hopes that my body will hold up into my 80’s and 90’s! I pray that you are recovering well and that we will see you strong and smiling at future events. God bless you!

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